• Katharina Serafimova & Melanie Gajowski

We signed-up for the The Global Challenges Prize 2017

Half a year ago, we signed-up for the The Global Challenges Prize 2017 (A New Shape Remodelling Global Cooperation), as we believe that we need new approaches for the change towards a life-sustaining society.

As in the cycle of cycle of coming into being and passing away, Global Governance also needs to go through phases of disintgration, which represent a kind of dying. During our research, interviews and case-studies at Universities during these months, we have identified structures and patterns of our believe-system towards global governance that are no longer valid or needed. Through this work, we have come to value:

  1. Collaborative efforts and co-creation beyond individual action and competition

  2. Value and needs-based approaches beyond fear and risk-driven reactions

  3. Connectedness of people, planet and economy beyond a return-, and power-driven paradigm

This is, why we have come to the conclusion, that we can’t compete for co-creation. Our contribution is an unconditional impuls to the collective learning and co-creating of solutions to deal with the un-known of any global governance structure that will be put in place.

We are gratefull for the all the inspiration that we recieved during this preparation process, especially for the case studies on artificial intelligence of the students of University of Applied Science Rapperswil, the thoughts and lifely discussions with bachelor students of banking and finance at University of Zürich, the many pioneers change-makers that have inspired our work during these months diretcly or indirectly: Charles Eisenstein, Clinton Callahan, Rob Hopkins, Joanna Macy, Roman Huber, Munir Rashid, Antoine Goetschel, Matthias Brück and many others.

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