The Global Challenge Prize 2017

As in the cycle of cycle of coming into being and passing away, Global Governance also needs to go through phases of disintgration, which represent a kind of dying. During our research, interviews and case-studies at Universities during these months, we have identified structures and patterns of our believe-system towards global governance that are no longer valid or needed. Through this work, we have come to value:

  1. Collaborative efforts and co-creation beyond individual action and competition 

  2. Value and needs-based approaches beyond fear and risk-driven reactions 

  3. Connectedness of people, planet and economy beyond a return-, and power-driven paradigm


Für das Verweben zu neuen Lösungen in Wirtschaft, Umwelt und Gesellschaft brauchen wir gemeinsame Ansätze.  Wir arbeiten hierfür mit neuen und altbewährten Ansätzen und Methoden: Theory-U, Possibility Management, Councelling und Prototyping.

Any solution to the crisis in Europe lies beyond economic or political dogmatism.

This is why we don’t wait for our leaders. We start our own and much stronger connections between women in France, Greece, Germany, Portugal and elsewhere to support one another and build a Europe that is  based on compassion and mutual respect. Picture by Sonke